Veteran Ventures Capital (VVC) is a veteran-owned growth-equity investment fund & firm focused on veteran businesses. VVC interacts exclusively with companies that have military veteran leadership, recognizing the value of military experience, training, and character in business operations. 

VVC’s team is comprised of distinguished former military officers and seasoned financial experts from across the country. Our value proposition lies in our granular understanding of the military culture, significant connections within the federal government & defense industry, and working knowledge of the government procurement process.

Supporting Knoxville’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

The entrepreneur ecosystem is strong here in Knoxville, and VVC partners with local groups to increase the network and reach of local businesses to achieve a national presence.  VVC helps power the Knoxville Bunker Labs Veterans in Residence (ViR) program. The ViR is a 6-month accelerator that helps veteran & military spouse business owners take their businesses to the next level.  

We partner to host the ViR in the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, and have other members of the Innov865 Alliance mentor and teach the cohort various aspects of marketing, business development, and legal issues that arise when running a startup. We help the local angel group Sheltowee Network evaluate those businesses that have veteran founders, and we seek to partner with other Alliance members to help drive entrepreneurship to new levels in Knoxville.

Broadening the startup rolodex

Veterans are 30% less likely to receive a VC investment, even though they outperform their non-veteran counterparts. Access to capital is the single greatest barrier for veterans who dream of business ownership, and this funding gap is the founding thesis and the motivation behind Veteran Ventures, and why we exist. 

While we are a national investment fund, we believe that the voice of the “vetrepreneur” starts locally, and at VVC we believe we are the voice of the veteran in building up the startup ecosystem within Knoxville in general and the Alliance in particular. 

The Alliance is key in broadening out the startup rolodex: It allows companies to connect with helpful business tools and collaborate with local leaders and business owners to bring the next generation entrepreneurs to Knoxville. From providing educational segments to partnering with businesses to hosting the incredibly successful Innov865 Week to finding new and innovative ways to bring more capital to the greater Knoxville community – the Innov865 Alliance is the driving force behind entrepreneurship in Knoxville.

A gateway to entrepreneurship

We encourage everyone in the community to rally behind efforts to spur business development from those veterans that choose to call Knoxville home and start businesses here in the local area. Veterans make a great business case, and they have a voice in Knoxville. 

Once you get to know VVC we believe you’ll be impressed by our investment thesis, strong deal flow, and diverse and experienced investment team.  Furthermore, we are sure to support our double-bottom line impact of investing in Veteran entrepreneurs and businesses primed for success. 

The team’s unique perspective of leveraging dual-use technology and veteran experience to secure government contract opportunities is both promising and profitable. And it’s all happening right here in Knoxville. Our team has deployed more than $4 million across 10 companies, and we’re racing towards our final close in 2022. With incredible deal flow (seeing 500+ deals a year), there is time to join us as we seek to make military service the gateway to entrepreneurship.  Contact us today to learn more at