Even though Rob Moseley didn’t win Startup Day 2015’s $5,000 Pitch Competition, he still walked away earning one thing: valuable business connections.

“I was able to meet a CEO of a biotech company in Knoxville at Startup Day,” Moseley wrote in an email interview. “This has allowed my company to have the opportunity to share lab space and resources with the company to help significantly reduce our startup costs. There are no true facilities in Knoxville that support a high-tech/science-based startup, so this connection made at Startup Day will be a major factor in the success of my company.”

Moseley last year made a pitch for SimPath, which uses assembly technology to reduce the time researchers spend on monotonous tasks and instead use their time towards true science.

“Startup Day was the first pitch competition I’ve competed in,” he wrote. “Not only did this allow me to gain experience pitching my idea to a large audience, I also was able to practice interacting with investors and other startups.”

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