Before the power pitches, before the Traction Award announcement, and before nationally-recognized serial entrepreneur Paul Singh took the stage for Startup Day 2016, there was a video that brought cheers and excitement for Knoxville’s startups.

The near 2 minute long piece bragged about the accomplishments local entrepreneurs have made not only to the city but throughout the state, the nation, and the world. The video listed off the achievements with an uplifting chorus that at the end made its viewers feel empowered.

Knoxville has been busy for sure, and its citizens have known it all along. Since last Startup Day in November 2015, Bonnaroo was acquired by Live Nation, Sparetime Entertainment hit 260 million views, Fiveworx was acquired by Northshore Management, Local Motors launched its first self-driving vehicle, and Perfect Serve raised $21 million.

That’s not counting how Proton Power is also currently constructing a new $50 million hydrogen power plant, the University of Tennessee launched Cherokee Farm’s “Innovation Campus,” and Cirrus Insight broke into the top 50 of Inc. 500’s List.

Let’s not forget also how ORNL and Boeing broke the world record earlier this year for the largest 3D printed item ever. So while we take time to reflect on these triumphs let’s also welcome the next generation of dreamers and startups.

If you missed the video, that’s ok. Click here to find out just some of what Knoxville’s entrepreneurial community has been up to since last year.