Mike Benn

Mike Benn is the co-founder of Songboarding, a company that is built on a remarkably simple concept: music equals memory. With Songboarding, Benn is able to help generate meaningful and purposeful content for companies in their efforts to train new and existing employees. Artists write, produce, and record songs that bring systems, procedures and protocols to life and boost retention. Songboarding serves as the alternative to traditional training styles and methods.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Benn earned his degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Since then, he has worked for three major corporations in a number of positions. Each company is different, but he noticed that the one thing they – and all companies – have in common is Employee Onboarding and Training challenges. Benn’s goal is to take his education, experience, creativity, and musical talent and combine them with companies’ objectives to enhance the training experience and make it fun and memorable.