Matt Smith

Overheating electronics is a widespread problem. It reduces mobile electronics’ battery capacity, diminishes brightness and lifetime of LED lights, decreases efficiency of power electronics, and results in poor CPU performance. To eliminate overheating, TCPoly has developed plastic composite materials that can conduct heat like metals and can be 3D printed on low-cost desktop 3D printers. By combining the unique property set of thermally conductive plastics (high heat transfer, lightweight, corrosion resistant, flexible, and low cost) with the design freedom of 3D printing, TCPoly can quickly develop new electronics cooling products. Co-founders Matt Smith (CEO) and Thomas Bougher (CTO) graduated with their PhDs from Georgia Institute of Technology and started TCPoly out of Tom’s garage while graduate students in 2016. The company has raised over $700K in non-dilutive funding, including being selected for the Innovation Crossroads Program at Oak Ridge National Lab. They have also received investment from Engage Ventures, a corporate backed venture fund in Atlanta, GA.