Forrest Shriver

Sentinel Devices LLC is developing a next-generation anomaly detection platform for industrial control systems. Our devices allow any customer to build up a detailed, component-level knowledgebase/model of the behavior of their plant, and they do this without incurring any additional cybersecurity risk. The way we do this is by bringing machine learning that normally operates in the cloud and deploying this intelligence entirely at the industrial edge – our device doesn’t need to perform centralized data collection/cleaning, and doesn’t need to download a pre-trained model from the outside world – all learning and decision making is exclusively internal. From initial installation to final shutdown, our device serves as a silent watchdog, keeping an eye on what matters so that our customers can accomplish their mission. Sentinel’s CEO and technical lead is Dr. Forrest Shriver, who brings almost a decade of software engineering and AI/ML experience to the problem of industrial anomaly detection.