Alex Lewis

Alex Lewis is Co-founder and CEO of Electro-Active Technologies, a public benefit corporation developing a modular system for converting food waste into hydrogen. The company was spun out of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2017, built on >5 years of DOE funded research. The underlying technology uses a combination of biology and electrochemistry to take electricity and food waste to produce a low-cost, zero-emission fuel in hydrogen. Our approach fights climate change on two fronts by keeping food waste out of the landfill while providing a zero-emission fuel to offset gasoline and diesel use. This system can produce one of the greenest sources of hydrogen available today while doing it affordably through use of a waste stream as input, enabling us to meet the demand for food waste solutions as well as the growing demand for hydrogen supply in fuel cell applications. In the past year, Electro-Active has raised $1.65M and the company is looking for an additional $600k to close out this Seed round and is also looking for partners for pilot projects in 2021.