Abhishek “Abhi” Sastri

Abhishek “Abhi” Sastri is an American-Indian Entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of FLUIX Inc, a deep-tech company focused on cooling the world’s most powerful computing infrastructure with proprietary liquid cooling technology. Abhi founded FLUIX 2019, after years of building and selling PCs to pay for school and rent and losing all his scholarships and interest in academics. He found his true calling in Technology Sales and Entrepreneurship as he left his corporate job as an Aerospace Engineer working for a government contractor to go full-time with FLUIX in 2021. Abhi’s full focus is solving the world’s energy and thermal problems when it comes to cooling the largest Data Centers on the planet. His mindset as a Sales focused businessman and sheer UNwillingness to give up, provides the ability for him to weather the storm of Entrepreneurship and thrive in the marketplace.