Knoxville’s foodie scene is booming! Right now, it seems that every day, you’ll find a new coffee shop or hip new restaurant opening. The downtown neighborhood streets are lined with mouth-watering food options and over-the-top drinks that always ensure the phone eats first! Here, you’ll find breweries on each corner (part of Knoxville’s Ale Trail), hidden coffee shops full of seasonal lattes and matchas, and tables full of friends and family enjoying a good meal.

For Innov865 Week 2022, we want you to get the full Knoxville food and drink experience. We rounded up a few of our locally owned and operated restaurants, bars and breweries for you to try between networking with other entrepreneurs and investors! This list is perfect for grabbing a quick cup of joe while heading to your next event, a bite to eat for lunch, or toasting with new friends or partners at the bar after a long day of networking. Either way, you’re going to want to try out some of these options – if you haven’t already!

This is just a small sampling of the great options in Knoxville – there are plenty more options to learn about on the Visit Knoxville website. Visit today to find a website full of foodie favorites from burgers to brews and beyond!

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