(NOTE: This article was originally published by the Shopper News.)

By: Margie Hagen, Shopper News correspondent

For Marlie Stiles, captivating and delighting young children comes naturally; appearing as different princesses and fairy tale characters, she has built a business around her dream.

As a 15-year-old high school student, Marlie thought about a part-time job, but didn’t want to work in typical teen positions like fast food or retail. She decided to follow her passion for acting and started her own business, Castles & Crowns Princess Parties. Now 17, she has created a successful career with a loyal following of kids and adults.

Like a lot of young girls, Marlie was fascinated by Disney movies; Ariel was a favorite along with other princesses. “I wanted to turn my love for characters into acting,” she says. “In middle school I studied with Jayne Morgan at the Flying Anvil (Theatre) and took dance lessons at the Angela Floyd Studios.” Currently, Marlie takes classes at Backstage Dance Company.

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