Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon is the founder and CEO of Lux Semiconductors, an advanced-tech startup developing high quality and low-cost semiconductor substrates for the rapidly evolving electronics industry. The current semiconductor platform, the silicon wafer, is thick, fragile, size restricted, expensive, and can no longer meet emerging demands of ultra-thin, large area and flexible electronics. Lux will deliver a new class of flexible semiconductor substrates to serve as the next generation platform, a Wafer 2.0. The platform will be suitable to host a range of electronic components and fully integrated system-on-chip designs including sensors, RF, displays, lighting, processors, memory, MEMS, photovoltaics, and similar ‘internet of things’ devices. To date, Lux has received over $800,000 in both state and federal funding from sources including the NYS clean energy seed accelerator, NEXUS-NY, the Innovation Crossroads program, funded in part by the DOE, and the NSF, through an SBIR Phase 1 award.